Artist: Christine Bourdette , American, born 1952
Title: Snails
Date: 2013
Medium: Bronze
Discipline: sculpture
Dimensions: .1: 2’ x 2’6” x 1’2”
.2: 2’4” x 4’ x 2’3”
.3: 2’ x 2’9” x 1’2”
.4: 2’4” x 3’3” x 2’3”
.5: 2’11” x 3”3” x 2’3”
.6: 2” x 2’6” x 1’2”
Funding Source: Percent for Art - City of Portland
Location: The Fields Neighborhood Park, Parks and Recreation
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My goal has been to create episodic moments of surprise with works of small scale—objects of simple form but with a small amount of intimate detail that an adult would bend down to look at and a child would find of familiar scale. The thought of the garden paradise—Elysian Fields—came in to play, as well as natural forms that might reflect the eddying, spiraling, form of the park’s design. It seemed an opportunity to create work playful and quirky that somehow reflects the idea of escape, release, imagination, and slowing down—reasons we go to the parks.  [more]


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