Artist: Hannes Wingate, Swedish, born 1974
Title: Spring Garden Nest
Date: 2018
Medium: Bamboo and mixed media
Discipline: sculpture
Dimensions: 15’ x 12’
Funding Source: Percent for Art - City of Portland
Location: Spring Garden Park, Parks and Recreation

This work is part of a larger body of work and started as an investigation into the nesting process of birds. The artist was interested in how birds create something strong, purposeful, valuable and often strikingly beautiful out of ubiquitous and seemingly valueless materials. It is a clear statement of the power of creation making something out of nothing and embodies the powerful ecological principle of cradle to cradle in that the nest can recede seamlessly into the environment that it came from once it is no longer needed. Humans used to build that way and still do in many parts of the world.  [more]

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