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Buckeye Bench

Anne Storrs

Burls Will Be Burls

Bruce Conkle


Bruce West


Christine Bourdette

Canoe Paddle

Ken Butler

Cat in Repose

Kathleen McCullough

City Reflections

Patti Warashina

Coming of the White Man

Hermon Atkins MacNeil

Community Wisdom

Betsy Wolfston


Wayne Chabre

Constant Change

Jochem Poensgen


Tad Savinar

Constellation (Molecule)

Tad Savinar

Constellation (Vase of Flowers)

Tad Savinar

Contact II

Alexander Liberman

Contemplative Place

Michihiro Kosuge


Michihiro Kosuge

Counter Act

Dana Lynn Louis


Buster Simpson,
Peg Butler

Cultural Totem

Roslyn Hill,
Lillian Pitt

Da Tung and Xi’an Bao Bao (Universal Peace and Baby Elephant)

Shang Dynasty replica

Daddy Long Legs

Mel Katz


Buster Simpson,
Peg Butler

Disc #4

Jerry Allen

Dog Bowl

William Wegman

Drawing on the River

Donald Fels

Driver’s Seat

Don Merkt



Earth, Water and Heaven

Ilan Averbuch

East Portland Community Center Benches

Garth Edwards

East Portland Community Center: Bike Racks

Garth Edwards

East Portland Community Center: Fences

Garth Edwards

East Portland Community Center: Tower

Garth Edwards

Echo Gate

Ean Eldred

Ecology Stones from the group Flows and Eddies

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Electronic Poet

Keith Jellum

Eleven Very Small Sculptures

Bill Will


Roland Hinton Perry

Everyday Hero

Bill Will

Eye River

Linda Wysong

Facing the Crowd

Michael Stutz

Facing the Crowd

Michael Stutz

“Fare Well”

Don Merkt

Festival Lanterns

Brian Goldbloom


Mauricio Saldaña

Fire Eater

Peter Teneau


Mark Calderon

Friendship Circle

Lee Kelly,
Michael Stirling

From Here to There

Laura Bender,
John Early

Gabriel Park Journal

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Garden Wreath

Larry Kirkland

George Washington

Pompeo Coppini

Ghost Ship

James Harrison

Glass Lamps

Tim O'Neill

Habitat Reefs from the group Flows and Eddies

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Habitat Trees from the group Flows and Eddies

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Harvey W. Scott

Gutzon Borglum

Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Starfish, Octopus, Crab, and Turtle Eggs

Pete Helzer


Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Heart Beacon

Joe O’Connell,
Blessing Hancock

Herbal Metaphor

Kelly McLain

Heroic City

Joe O’Connell,
Blessing Hancock


Donald Wilson

Honey In the Bee Ball - I Can’t See Y’all

Isaka Shamsud-Din

Hooray for Hollywood

Peter Mollica

House for Summer

Helen Lessick

Howard’s Way

Lee Kelly

In the Shadow of the Elm

Paul Sutinen

Interlocking Forms

Don Wilson

Inversion +/-

Annie Han,
Daniel Mihalyo,
Lead Pencil Studio

Jacques Gershkovitch

Frederic Littman

Joan of Arc

Emmanuel Frémiet

Joy (Pioneer Woman)

Frederick Littman


Norman Taylor

Leaf Motif

Anne Storrs

Leland #1

Lee Kelly,
Bonnie Bronson

Little Prince

Ilan Averbuch

Lodge Grass

John Buck

Mago Hermano (Brother Wizard or Magician)

Alejandro Colunga

Measure, Mark, Inventory and Pattern

Jerry Mayer


Keith Jellum

Mistral No. 3

Frederic Littman

Monument #1

Manuel Izquierdo

Moons and Stars at New Columbia

Horatio Hung-Yan Law

Muse, Maze, Mirror, Gaze

Linda Ethier

Mussel Shell and Mussel Shell Timeline from the group Flows and Eddies

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani


Dan Corson

New Columbia Community Garden Fence

Suzanne Lee

Noble Architect

Ruth Frances Greenberg,
David Laubenthal

Oregon Holocaust Memorial

Tad Savinar,
Paul Sutinen,
Marlene Salon,
Marshall Lee,
John Warner,
Marianne Zarkin,
John Laursen

Our Time

Don Merkt

Park Place

Lloyd Hamrol

Peace Chant

Steven Gillman

People’s Bike Library of Portland

Brian Borrello,
Vanessa Renwick


Malia Jensen


Pete Beeman

Poder de la Mano (The power of the hand)

Mauricio Saldaña


Don Merkt

Portland Columns

Walter Dusenbery

Portland Pamphlets

Zhao Suikang


Raymond Kaskey

Promised Land

David Manuel

Puzzle Tower I

Chris Gander

Raptor Crossings

Brian Borrello

Reading the Street

Mark R. Smith

Rebecca at the Well (Shemanski Fountain)

Oliver Barrett

Rico Pasado

Mauricio Saldaña

River Guardian

Lillian Pitt,
Mikkel Hilde

River Shift

Mathieu Gregoire

Rose City Labyrinth

Robert Calvo

Royal Rosarian

Bill Bane

Running Horses

Tom Hardy

Sacajawea and Jean-Baptiste

Alice Cooper


M.J. Anderson

Sculpture No. 1

Bruce West

Sculpture Stage

Bruce West

Seasonal Encampment from the group Flows and Eddies

Fernanda D’Agostino,
Valerie Otani

Second Oregon Company Volunteers

John Beaver

Shifting Assets

Linda Wysong

Shifting Assets

Linda Wysong

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